Sunday, September 2, 2007

Best Friends make the best life partners

I believe that the phenomenon of romance and love is a big sham.. driven
by marketing honchos. For a longstanding and happy relationship it is essential that both husband and wife be friends first. Most people conveniently forget this or sweep this under the carpet of LOVE. A relationship is not only about chocolates and balloon shaped hearts. It is also about the couple's life together: how they are with each other, do they have a deep sense of respect hidden underneath all the teasing and fooling around? or is it just a desire of the flesh? are they themselves with their partner or putting on a gentlemanly / ladylike act?

With a friend you need not put on a act. He/she knows what you are, has been with you through fights, misunderstandings, ups and lows, knows more about you than yourself. What else do you want for a marriage to work?


voice said...

disgusting attitude.. the author of the blog is trying to corrupt the purity of friendship.. the beauty of love lies in admiring the perfect person your lover is, not in trying to get your best friend to sleep with you.. such content should be banned

Lord Voldemort's Musings... said...

Do I sense fear in your voice, Voice? Do you feel threatened?