Monday, September 3, 2007

The Parasite...!!

Taking credit for other's work seems to be a pastime with many. The answer to the question of why they do that is simple:they are losers. Talentless and in many cases lazy, they wish to cling onto any power they may have accrued. They are scared of adapting to new situations. Or they may not be able to adapt to new situations. What do they do? Instead of accepting their ineptitude gracefully, they inveigle talented youngsters, get the job done, congratulate them profusely and while the hapless youngsters are basking in the glory of a sunlamp, they take the work to their higher-up and claim it as their own and bask in the glory of the Sun. People like this are numerous. The parasites among us. They do not want to vacate their comfortable position, and they do not want to work for it either. They just want to carry on in relative comfort as long as they can con hapless youth. What happens when the youth figure out that they are being taken for a ride? The youth of course protest. And the parasite cries out that today's youth do not care for the age-old traditions and do not respect elders. And mostly the parasite wins this war of words because of his 'work record'. However, the parasite meets his downfall if he cannot find a suitable replacement for his 'ex-host'!!

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