Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Thankless Life

Many of us have been at the receiving end of brickbats, when we were expecting bouquets. I too had a similar experience today. An ego bruising one too. How many of us have rushed in to help only to have the "helpees" jeer or abuse us once we have helped them? The count must surely run into millions if not billions. It is a thankless world. Selfish and self centered. So much so that nowadays you have to verify if the helpee is indeed genuine before proceeding to help. After many such incidents, I have decided to stop helping strangers and acquaintances. I will stick to helping friends. A known devil is better than an unknown fairy. What is that in human nature that forgets basic rules of social behavior and causes people to talk rude of others behind their backs? It's a mystery that only scientists and psychologists can resolve. Is it because they are angry that they are receiving help? Is another bruised ego the root cause of my bruised ego? No answers yet. Meanwhile my doors are shut for strangers.

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