Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meaning of Good and Evil.

How does one define good? or for that matter evil? Many people have a shallow idea of good and evil. They are quick to jump to a conclusion. Quick to point accusatory fingers. They have no idea that good and evil are in fact relative. "one man's food is another man's poison", so the saying goes. Likewise, an evil for X may be good for Y. People expect good things to happen to them because they do good. That is they treat goodness as an investment, with a selfish motive deep at heart. Help should be anonymous. But today most people advertise their help or help with an eye on the camera. More concerned with the publicity they may receive than the gratitude they are sure to receive. They forget that doing good is right only if it is done for the right reasons. Helping a pretty girl because you think that she might fall in love is a disgusting thought. However, this is what is prevalent in today's world. One should, of course, help others. But it should be done for your satisfaction not for cheap publicity.

Supposing one day God announces that He will not reward those who help others but rather He will decide through a lottery one wonders how many people will continue their 'help'. Many say that they try to do their best. But do they know how what their limit is, their best is? They set a 'best' for themselves and they do not try to excel that, because that is their limit! They forget that the surest way to change the world is through one random act of kindness a day. You also need to know who to help. You are only so strong. During medieval times, doctors treating war wounded would first assess the injuries to see if the person could be helped. If not, they just opened an artery and moved on. No wasting precious resources and time. This is not hardheartedness. This is practicality. People do not understand this too. And just offer help to keep their conscience quiet. How else can one explain the tons of cash given to temples and churches?

Help. But because you want to. Not because have to.