Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Problem with God

God exists. There is in circulation so much "proof" that God doesn't exist. I am not going to offer any proof. I just want to explain the importance of God in human life. However much science can explain the mysteries of the Universe with its equations, there still remains inexplicable gaps. But that's not what this blog is about. Man needs to work for a higher purpose to feel that satisfaction in his life. Can Science offer that satisfaction? It is a constantly evolving world as far as science is concerned. A scientist cannot stop to smell the roses. If he does so, he will find himself overtaken by any one of his contemporaries. He is forced to keep on working. What satisfaction does he get after a lifetime of work? A Nobel Prize at most. And to be frank, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics or Chemistry does not get the same attention that a Prize winner in the fields of Literature or Peace. How much ever science promotes logic, it is art that draws more crowds and response, leaving science to cry hoarse over the unfairness of it.

It is not the concept of God that is at fault, but the people who profess to follow it. "God" never ordered the mass killings that take place daily in His name. Most people do not realize that religion was made for Man and not Man for religion. Most people place religion above humanity and humanness. Humanity is the soul of religion. Without it religion is a corpse. Most people worship the corpse, not the soul. And thats the problem with God. The problem lies not with Him. But with us.

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