Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Of rice and pizzas..

Why do people pay more attention to newcomers in their life? Why do they ignore old contacts? Is it so that they are after greener pastures? In their favour, it must be said that newer contacts offer new opportunities. But should they forget old contacts and friends? A friend reports that her friend paid more attention to his crush than her, even though he did not receive more than a cursory glance from the concerned party. On questioning, he gave the following example of rice and pizzas. "Rice is our staple diet. We eat it daily. So when we see a new dish, say a pizza, we immediately taste it to see how it tastes like. But rice remains our main course." This argument obviously did not cut ice with the Rice. This argument smacks of opportunism. He is merely trying to pacify the rice. While I am not against friends tasting new pizzas, I would like them to give rice its due share of importance too. But many a time people lose so much in pursuit of elusive pizzas, that by the time they give up and return, they find that the rice has moved away. Is this worth the wild goose chase? This is one question that certainly merits a lot of thinking. Please excuse me, I have to talk to my rice...

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