Monday, September 3, 2007

The Greatest Mystery

Girls are the greatest mysteries on Earth. They outshine the Pyramid of Giza, the Inscriptions of the Indus Valley Civilization and other mindbogglers in existence, in confounding the masculine mind. No one can guess what a girl is feeling at a particular moment. I myself have undergone this predicament many a time. Often have I thought that the girl I was with was listening to my philosophical lecture, only to realize that they were wondering if they had worn their hair clip the right way. Also, when you extend a hand of friendship, they look at you with the utmost suspicion on their minds, convinced that you are about to outrage their modesty. On the other hand, they very happily go out with a good-looking serial rapist and land in boiling water.

They say they are open to criticism. But beware!! If you so much as say that their toe-nail is a little out of shape, you have made yourself an enemy. They will treat you like one. What should one do in such circumstances? Do not pamper their ego. They will try to conquer your masculine willpower through feminine water power. Yield not. If you yield an inch, you'll lose the entire war front. We are not Prithviraj Chauhans to forgive Muhammad Ghori (we all know what happened to P Chauhan). Do not let it happen to us. Do not brook nonsense. A girl only needs to know that you are looking at her, to put on airs. Do not let that contingency arise. Puncture her ego before it explodes yours.


voice said...

please do not believe the author.. i know him personally and he is a person who will pay a compliment to even a bucket thats in female attire.. he has been unsuccessfully trying to get women fall for him for the past ten years, and now that he's decided to quit, he wants to spoil the fun for others too.. if u do not believe me, check out his arcot profile, you'll find more girls than boys

Lord Voldemort's Musings... said...

Its Orkut da. not arcot.