Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Meaning of Life

Life, from a biological point of view, is meaningless. We were born, we grow up, we reproduce, we die. Biologically thats the purpose of life. Where does 'meaning' come in? Philosophers through the ages have debated over the 'meaning' of life. An Indian swamiji said to a foreign tourist, "there are many meanings of life: a 50$ meaning, a 100$ meaning and one for $500". Meanings of life abound in all philosophies and religions. Ultimately they all seem to be rooting for a 'better' way of life. Who devised this 'better' way of life? Will this 'better' way make us happy?

Answers are few and far between. Individual analysis is missing. We all adopt one of the many existing meanings and move on with life. We believe in doing so we have served a 'higher purpose' than others who lead 'mere mortal existence'. What this 'higher purpose' is is any body's guess. I would like to commend the little boy who raised the query, "if we are here to help others, then what are they here for?" However, we need to gain acceptance among peers. and it means we accept a 'meaning' of life and join that club.

Every so called meaning of life has its lacunae. None can survive scrutiny. As such it falls on us to choose our way of action. Most adopt one or more of the 'meanings' blindly. Yet if we introspect, we will be able to find a meaning that fits our style of thinking. It'll become the meaning of our lives.

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