Saturday, August 2, 2008

On Death

Good-by to the life I used to live,
And the world I used to know;
And kiss the hills for me, just once;
Now I am ready to go!
- Emily Dickinson

If tolling bell I ask the cause.
'A soul has gone to God,'
I'm answered in a lonesome tone;
Is heaven then so sad?

That bells should joyful ring to tell
A soul had gone to heaven,
Would seem to me the proper way
A good news should be given.
- Emily Dickinson

Most of us fear death, the absence of life. Many a time have I heard the statement, 'I love life.' Many party animals enjoy 'life' or so they claim. Why does no one enjoy death? It is inevitable. And if one believes in God, we have to meet the Maker. We are all here for a short sojourn on the planet and then we depart again. Yet in those sixty odd years we accomplish a lot of nonsense. We all know that we are not going to take anything with us when we depart. Everyone from an emperor to a slovenly beggar has to meet Mr. Death and depart from earth. Yet many do not go willingly. They kick and scream and Death has to literally drag them by their heels.

We amass wealth, fight 'enemies', think the world of ourselves, indulge in back biting, generally create a ruckus for something temporary. We do not care that we will have to stand before the Judge one day. We completely miss the picture. Life is a gift. True. It is like a roller coaster ride. True again. And yet when the ride is over, we do not want to leave.

All religions talk about death. Christianity says that death is a short sleep before you meet your Maker. Hinduism says that when you die, you go on a trial, literally, and thence to heaven or hell depending on your conduct on earth. We all place emphasis on the wrong things during our time on earth. Material things gain value at the cost of spiritual well being. Yet in that divine court, all your earthly power, your wealth account for nothing. There are many who have welcomed death. Socrates was one. As Dumbledore says in Harry Potter, "To the well ordered mind, death is but the next great adventure."

Personally, I would welcome Death. Provided the process happens quickly. This world and its mad rush has lost its appeal. I just smile at the things that go on under the name of survival. Can all this equal the love that the Divine can give us? Think about it. We are going to meet the Creator. What can equal the joy that that can give us?

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.
- II Timothy 4 : 7

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