Thursday, October 4, 2007

TV serials. I know, I know.. Don't throw up yet. Let me finish. I still am at pains to understand how they call it 'mega'? It means big, bigger than the usual. Not looooooonnngggg. And the serials seem to be intent on setting world records. An actress who was portraying the role of a pregnant lady, did so for two whole years. It is the elephant which has a pregnancy duration of over two years. Never thought a human would be able to replicate that feat. More than these ridiculous portrayals, its the depiction of women that is worrying. The women characters are either markedly saintly or markedly evil. Have the directors of the serials ever heard of reality? Why don't they take a leaf from the book of western soaps? Once a serials is aired, the response of the audience is gathered and if it is negative, it is immediately scrapped. Here they prolong our agony. Will somebody teach them the meaning of hara-kiri and so end our misery? We await a saviour.

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